Future University In Egypt (FUE)
Future University is one of most promising private universities in Egypt. Through excellence in teaching, research and service, Future University strives to provide a comprehensive, high-quality education that prepares our graduates to be future leaders.
Altagamoa Al Khames, Main centre of town, end of 90th Street
New Cairo
Faculty of Engineering & Technology

Faculty Staff


  • Mahmoud Abdelrasheed Nosier Touny

    Full Time

    Professional Bio Dr. Mahmoud Abd-El-Rasheed Nosier is a professor of mechanical engineering at Future University in Egypt (FUE). He received his Ph.D. from Imperial College, London. He was the vice dean for graduate studies and research, and then vice dean for education and student affairs at the Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University. He was also the head of Engine and Automotive Technology Dept. at the College of Technology, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. In addition to teaching, Dr. Nosier supervised (8) Ph.D. and (19) M.Sc. theses. Dr. Nosier published 38 scientific papers. He attended many conferences and a workshop about Energy Conservation in South Korea. He currently resides in Cairo, Egypt. ... Read more

  • Abdelaziz Morgan Abdelaziz Ahmed

    Part Time

    Professor Abdelaziz Abdelaziz - Mechanical Engineering Department ... Read more

  • Abdel Monem Abdel Hamid Ahmed Seif

    Part Time

    Dr. Abdel Monem Seif is a professor of Control Systems at Faculty of Engineering Cairo University. He received his Ph.D. from Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse, France 1978. His Ph.D.entitled ) “Classification of Solid Objects using Fuzzy Correlations - Applications in Robotics”. In addition to teaching at Cairo University Dr. Seif is interested also of research in the area of Fuzzy Control Systems, Robotics, Artificial intelligent, Parameter and State Estimation, Adaptive Control and Learning Control. Dr. Seif have been worked as Expert for Telecontrol & Telecommunication Systems at Saudi Arabia, Electricity Corporation, Design Department From:1994 to 2001. ... Read more

  • Almoataz Youssef Abdelaziz Mohamed Abdelmaguied

    Full Time

    AlMoataz Youssef Abdel Aziz Born on September 14th, 1963 PHd Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering - Ain Shams University ... Read more

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