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Mohamed A. Karali

Basic information

Name : Mohamed A. Karali
Title: Lecturer
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Personal Info: Dr. Eng. Mohamed A. Karali (د.م. محمد أحمد قرعلى) is an Assistant Professor at the Mechanical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Future University in Egypt (FUE), specializing in Mechanical Power Engineering. Dr. Karali received his Ph.D. degree from the Institute of Fluid Dynamics and Thermodynamics, Otto von Geuricke University Magdeburg, Germany in 2015. He had received his Bachelor of Science and Masters in Mechanical Engineering in 2001 and 2007, respectively, from the Faculty of Engineering El-Mataria, Helwan University in Cairo, Egypt. Recently, his research area interested in image processing techniques and its applications in rotary drums studies and renewable energies. View More...


Certificate Major University Year
PhD . Otto Von Guericke University faculty of Engineering 2015
Masters Mechanical Power Engineering Helwan - Egypt 2007
Bachelor Mechanical Power Engineering Helwan - Egypt 2001

Researches /Publications

Cooling enhancement of cubical shapes electronic components array including dummy elements inside a rectangular duct

Mohamed Ahmed Mahmoud Karali

H.A. Refaey; Bandar Awadh Almohammadi; Mostafa A.H. Abdelmohimen; H.E. Abdelrahman



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Transient thermal behavior in brick tunnel kiln with guide vanes: Experimental study

Mohamed Ahmed Mahmoud Karali

Hassanein A Refaey; Bandar Awadh Almohammadi; Ali A Abdel-Aziz; HE Abdelrahman; HA Abd El-Ghany; Mamdouh W Al-Dosoky



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Influence of using different tapered longitudinal section manifolds in a Z shaped flat plate solar collector on flow distribution uniformity

Mohamed Ahmed Mahmoud Karali

Mathkar A Alharthi; HA Refaey



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Numerical investigations of convective heat transfer for lattice settings in brick Tunnel Kiln: CFD simulation with experimental validation

Mohamed Ahmed Mahmoud Karali

HA Refaey; Mathkar A Alharthi; MR Salem; Ali A Abdel-Aziz; HE Abdelrahman



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Granular transport through flighted rotary drums operated at optimum-loading: Mathematical model

Mohamed Ahmed Mahmoud Karali

Eckehard Specht, Jochen Mellmann, HA Refaey, MR Salem, AY Elbanhawy



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Unloading characteristics of flights in a flighted rotary drum operated at optimum loading

Mohamed Ahmed Mahmoud Karali

, Eckehard Specht, Fabian Herz, Jochen Mellmann, Hassanein A Refaey



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Mathematical model to simulate the heat transfer in vitrified clay pipes kiln

Mohamed Ahmed Mahmoud Karali

H. A. Refaey; A. G. Al-Hasnawi; E. Specht



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Different camera and light positions to facilitate image analysis processing in rotary drums studies

Mohamed Ahmed Mahmoud Karali

Eckehard Specht, Fabian Herz, Jochen Mellmann



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Comparison of image analysis methods to determine the optimum loading of flighted rotary drums

Mohamed Ahmed Mahmoud Karali

Fabian Herz, Eckehard Specht, Jochen Mellmann



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Experimental analysis of a flighted rotary drum to assess the optimum loading

Mohamed Ahmed Mahmoud Karali

Koteswara Rao Sunkara, Fabian Herz, Eckehard Specht



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Performane evaluation of a vapor compression refrigeration system using R22 alternatives

Mohamed Ahmed Mahmoud Karali

Mohamed A. Karali, M. Fatouh



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Award Donor Date
Poster first prize Conference of 5th UK-China and 13th UK Particle Technology Forum, At Leeds University, UK. 2015
Ph.D mission studying FUE 2012
Researcher, Helwan University Egypt 2002

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