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Randa Medhat Hussien Khalil Mohamed

Basic information

Name : Randa Medhat Hussien Khalil Mohamed
Title: Assistant Lecturer
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Certificate Major University Year
Masters Department of Architectural Engineering 2014
Bachelor Architecture Department Al-Azhar University - Faculty of Engineering 2009

Teaching Experience

Name of Organization Position From Date To Date
Future University in Egypt TEACHING ASSISTANT 01/01/2009 01/01/2014
GDS,Architecture & Interior Design,Arabian Architecture Group Architect 01/01/2008 01/01/2009

Researches /Publications


Randa Medhat Hussien Khalil Mohamed


Generative design tools have been used to explore design variations and to generate form. In order to adjust different variables to get the best possible solution; parametric optimization process links to these generative tools; this automatic optimization process is a very precise method that finds the most efficient solution instead of evaluating the results manually. This paper is going to explore parametric optimization process and its possibility of being integrated with generative tools in the design process, in order to reach the optimum building’s performance. The research will explain different techniques and tools that used in this process; Rhinoceros, grasshopper and parametric optimization in order to investigate this design methodology. In addition, the research is going to track some architectural examples that experience optimization process in order to reach the optimum performance needed and to explain the workflow of each process, also the research will present a pilot study of integrating genetic optimization tools during a typical design process for building facade. Research goal is to make parametric optimization tools a well-known tool for architects to be used during the design process, and to offer a simple method of evaluating and optimizing faced design and its performance by using these tools. Keywords: Architectural Design Process, Parametric, Optimization, Grasshopper.

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Middle-income Public Housing in Egypt, Evaluate and Improve to Reach a Sustainable Design - 01/0

Randa Medhat Hussien Khalil Mohamed


Housing is one of the major sectors of national development; it plays a vital role in such a developing country like Egypt. As comfortable home is a human target, housing considers as an important need in human life. Egyptian government deals with middle-income housing as a prototype can be located in any site without considering indoor thermal comfort recommendations. The aim of this paper is to evaluate a present middleincome housing prototype (case study) simultaneously, and improve it by using passive design strategies to reach a sustainable design. The performance of case study evaluated using computer simulation. This research process led to a strategy of improving public housing prototypes in Egypt. The research findings led also to performative design guidelines, achieved sustainability.

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