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Basic information

Title: Assistant Lecturer
Personal Info: An architect, assistant lecturer, interior designer and most importantly a researcher in the field of sustainable architecture. After acquiring her BSC in architecture from Cairo University, Somaya involved in the academic career which she reinforced with practical experience by working at a consultant office. She finished her master’s degree from the American University in Cairo with a distinction GPA. Her research interest is in energy saving for buildings, which was her master’s thesis subject as well as the research on which she won the first prize at the AUC research day in Cairo. She believes in community service and that’s why she’s been a volunteer in many NGOs since high school. View More...


Certificate Major University Year
Masters Master of Science in Sustainable Development The American University in Cairo 2016

Researches /Publications

The Financial Aspect and Practicability of Converting Existing Buildings to nZEBs - 01/0



Financial feasibility of a project is a strong indicator of whether the project will be accepted by different stakeholders of the building or not. This research aims at analysing the financials of converting an existing residential building to net zero energy building. On a case study building, specific retrofit actions are selected, specific PV system is considered and a complete cost analysis is performed based on market available materials in actual prices in the Egyptian market. The research utilizes energy simulation to compare the amount of energy saving between the current and retrofitted cases of the case study building. Actual electricity bills are used to calculate the electricity usage of the building. Similarly, actual solar energy pricing is considered in order to evaluate the feasibility of the conversion. The pricing of the retrofit actions using market available materials is calculated as well. The return on investment study shows how applicable the conversion is.

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Enhancing Building Envelope of Existing Residential Buildings and Using PV Panels to Reach nZEB - 01/1


Khaled Tarabieh, Hani Sewilam


The study starts with the analysis of the current situation of both the existing buildings and the energy sector in Egypt, analyzing the energy consumption patterns and the inefficiencies leading to these patterns, then defining the nZEB concept to familiarize the reader with its different aspects. The empirical part of the study utilizes simulation to validate the proposed guideline by applying it on an already existing residential building. The detailed steps of converting an already existing residential building to an nZEB is the final outcome of the research.

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Award Donor Date
1st prize - Research day American university in Cairo 2016

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