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Hosam Elhegazy

Basic information

Name : Hosam Elhegazy
Title: Lecturer
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Personal Info: Hosam Elhegazy received his PhD (2020) from the Department of Civil Engineering (Structural Engineering) at Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt. He is currently an Assistant Professor at the Department of Structural Engineering and Construction Management, Faculty of Engineering and Technology at Future University in Egypt (FUE). His research interests include the fields of structural systems, construction management, life-cycle assessment, green buildings, value engineering, productivity, projects' performance, project control, cost estimation and construction technology. He has published numerous articles in peer-reviewed international journals with particular focus on structural systems, cost estimation and topics relating to project control. He is working in the construction and project management for construction of Steel Structures Projects (From Feb.2012 till Now). View More...


Certificate Major University Year
PhD Civil Engineering faculty of engineering - Ain shams university 2020
Masters Civil Engineering Ain Shams University - Faculty Of Engineering 2015

Teaching Experience

Name of Organization Position From Date To Date
FACULTY OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY Lecturer 01/01/2020 01/01/2020
FACULTY OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY Assistant Lecturer 01/01/2015 01/01/2020

Researches /Publications

State-of-the-art review on benefits of applying value engineering for multi-story buildings - 01/0

Hosam Mostafa Mahmoud Eid


This research aims to introduce the review of the researches that covered the benefits of applying the value engineering in the construction industry specially the multi-story buildings. Multi-story buildings are part of a relatively specialized field of design and construction projects. They deal not only with a building’s design and creation but also with its ongoing operation and maintenance. Because a large portion of the money and time expended by both the public and private sectors is used for construction, especially multi-story buildings, it is essential for owners and builders to think about how to optimize the balance between cost and function as they make major decisions about multistory buildings. The concept of value engineering has evolved significantly and has been expanded over the years; today, numerous standards and related manuals exist. Various engineering databases, international journals, and conference proceedings were searched. International journals were searched for relevant research papers. This paper provides perspectives on value engineering in the contemporary structural engineering context in order to frame the breadth and multiple dimensions it encompasses, to summarize recent activities on selected relevant topics, and to highlight possible future directions in research and implementations.

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"Selecting optimum structural system for R.C. multistory buildings considering direct cost" - 01/0

Hosam Mostafa Mahmoud Eid

Said. Y. Haggag, Ibrahim A Rashid


Reinforced concrete multi-story buildings are commonly used in residential, commercial, and administrative projects; therefore, selecting the optimum structural system with minimum cost is the top priority of the structural designer. Although earlier researches intensively studied this issue, it is still not completely covered. This research aims to introduce recommendations for the optimum gravity and lateral systems for a multi-story reinforced concrete (RC) building from a perspective of direct cost. In order to achieve that goal, a parametric study was carried out using 72 RC buildings with several stories ranged between 5 and 50 floors, and grid spacing ranged between 6.0 and 12.0 m. Four floor systems were considered, solid, 2 ways ribbed, waffle, and flat slabs. Also, three lateral loads resisting systems were considered which are intermediate moment resisting frames, shear walls, and a dual system. The study covered the low, medium and high rise buildings. The results indicated that the dual system is the most suitable system for medium and high rise buildings with combination with solid slabs for short spans and ribbed slabs for medium and long spans. On the other hand, frame with solid slabs is the optimum for low rise with short spans and shear wall with the flat slab is the optimum for low rise with medium and long spans.

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Identification of Knowledge Gaps in Applying Knowledge Areas of Project Management - 01/1

Hosam Mostafa Mahmoud Eid

S.Y. Aboul Haggag, Ibrahim Abdel Rashid


During the past two decades, structural engineering scenario has changed drastically. At present, there are no universally accepted standards for the identification of issues and knowledge gaps in the applying of knowledge areas of project management both in any phase in project management. It is essential to identify the knowledge gaps in the project management process, so the purpose of this paper is an overview of issues and knowledge gaps in the applying of knowledge areas of project management to stimulate a model for a decision support system, and identification of these issues and knowledge gaps. This identification should further lead to the establishment of information regarding existing issues and knowledge gaps in project management. The results of the study should also provide a foundation for a research project proposal. This research is an exploratory study, so the results are only propositions; hence, an empirical survey should be carried out in the future.

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Construction Performance Control in Steel Structures Projects - 01/1

Hosam Mostafa Mahmoud Eid

Ibrahim Rashid; Ibrahim Mahdi


The main purpose of this paper is present a methodology for modeling on Mat lab to construction performance control for construction process of steel structure based on the several factors that affect the steel structure processes. The Mat lab model is used for controlling on construction productivity of steel structure projects. The construction industry may use the findings of this paper as a basis for controlling and improving productivity and construction performance for the construction of steel structure projects. The ability of the estimating team to accurately determine productivity for different activities will have a significant impact on crew cost component, time schedule of the project and improve projects’ performance. The use of the Mat lab model is expected to result in savings in cost and time schedule of construction of steel structure projects as well as savings in the cost of the overall project.

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Factors Improving the Crew Productivity for the Construction of Steel Structure Projects - 01/0

Hosam Mostafa Mahmoud Eid

Ibrahim Abdel Rashid, Said Yousif Aboul Haggag


The purpose of the study discussed in this paper is improving the crew productivity for the construction of steel structure projects. The research was conducted by personal interviews, literature review, researchers’ knowledge, telephone calls and correspondence via an email. It was designed model on Matlab in measuring and evaluation the crew productivity of construction of steel structure projects based on the several factors that affect the construction of steel structure process. It is recommended that contracting and consulting firms to improve the crew productivity for the construction of steel structure projects before starting and during the construction of projects. The construction industry can use the findings in this paper as a basis for improving the crew productivity for the construction of steel structure projects.

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Improving the Crew Productivity and Projects’ Performance for the Construction of Steel Structure Projects - 01/0

Hosam Mostafa Mahmoud Eid

I. Abdel Rashid, S.Y. Aboul Haggag


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Award Donor Date
Honoring Certificate: The Best Masters for the year 2015 - Structural Eng. Dep. Faculty Of Engineering, Ain Shams University 2017

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