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Mohamed Essam Abd El Aziz Abd El Aal

Basic information

Name : Mohamed Essam Abd El Aziz Abd El Aal
Title: Assistant Lecturer
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Personal Info: Mohamed Essam Abd El Aziz. Was born on 06/07/1990 Graduated from Future University, Faculty of Engineering & Technology.


Certificate Major University Year
Masters 2021
Bachelor Electrical Engineering 2012

Researches /Publications

Quaternion Based On Cancelable Biometrics.

Mohamed Essam Abd El Aziz Abd El Aal

Saied M. Abd El-atty, Fathi E. Abd El-Samie, E. S. Shoukralla


The current paper presents a novel cancelable face recognition scheme based on quaternion mathematics. The main idea of the proposed model is to mask the nature of faces prior to use in the face recognition process. The objective of this process is to keep the privacy of users during the initiation biometric data and the biometric verification process in case of data base compromising wherein it is possible to change the saved biometric templates while the color face image is used to compose a quaternion. Subsequently, a mask image is used in another quaternion. Quaternion multiplication and thus quaternion inverse are applied to generate the cancelable templates. The performance analysis of the proposed approach reveals that low EER and large area under ROC curve which are the required high index templates

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Award Donor Date
Ideal Student in college of Engineering FUE Univ. 2009

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