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Program Aims

The main aims of the "Architectural Engineering" program at the "Faculty of Engineering and Technology" in "Future University in Egypt" are to equip graduates with the proper and fair scientific knowledge and train them to be able to:
  • Apply knowledge of basic sciences, and engineering sciences to find solutions for engineering problems and develop solutions for robust architectural designs.
  • Design robust systems and architectural projects based on certain needs and realistic constraints.
  • Design and conduct environmental and social experiments.
  • Identify, formulate engineering problems and apply critical and creative thinking to create architectural design problems.
  • Use the engineering tools and software, necessary for engineering practice and project management.
  • Work effectively within multi-disciplinary teams.
  • Communicate effectively.
  • Develop a broad education necessary to consider the importance of engineering solutions' impact on society and environment.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of contemporary engineering issues that are raised on the level of local and international communities.
  • Display professional and ethical responsibilities towards their society.
  • Recognize the value of self and life-long learning.
  • Apply different theories of architectural design as a process and product, to develop robust architectural designs.
  • Apply investigative skills, statistical and logical analysis methods to define problems.
  • Apply a holistic problem solving approach for complex, ambiguous, and open-ended challenges and scenarios.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the ancestors' architecture and its relation with their contemporary communities, and the impact of cultural diversity on buildings' identity and character.
  • Address urban issues, planning, and community needs through design work.
  • Recognize the new role of the architectural engineer as a guardian of the sustainable environment.