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Academic Partnerships

Cooperation Between Future University in Egypt (FUE) And The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), United Kingdom (UK).

Academic Partnerships - As a part of FUE international relationships, there is a fruitful co-operation between Future University in Egypt (FUE) and the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), United Kingdom (UK).
- This cooperation includes: Collaboration in teaching, learning, research and knowledge transfer which are beneficial to both parties.
- In this context, the following activities have been carried out during the last 3 years:

1- Participating in summer training school in UCLan University, Preston, U.K. (2 students from FUE, Summer 2018)
2- Participating in summer course internship in UCLan University, Preston, U.K. ( 5 students from FUE, Summer 2018 & Summer 2019).
3- Studying a complete academic semester in UCLan University, Preston, U.K. ( 3 students from FUE, Spring 2020).
4- Many visits from UCLan staff members to FUE to give seminars to FUE students in the area of Mechatronics specialization ( Prof. A. Oncy).
5- Teaching visits from the staff of FUE to UCLan University ( 3 staff members from FUE gave 3 weeks lectures to the students in UCLan (Prof. Yehia Hendawy, Dr. Ahmed Saeid, & Dr. Mohamed Abdelabr, 2018).

- There is a mutual excellent potential for widening and deepening the fields of cooperation between both universities in postgraduate and research work.