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Advisory Board

The Mechanical Engineering (Mechatronics Program) Advisory Board assists the department in enhancing its educational and research programs and ensuring their relevance to current and emerging technological needs. Board members are:
  • Prof. Mustafa Mohammed el-Sayed; Chairman of Board of Directors, “EGEC” Company.
  • Eng. Hussien Hassan Masaud; Former Minister of Civil Aviation.
  • Eng. Mustafa Hassan Salem; Head of the Technical Sector; Arab Organization for Industrialization.
  • Eng. Khairy Amin Armanyous; Chairman of Board of Directors, Nile for Advanced Technology Company (NATCOM).
  • Eng. Ahmed Mohammed El-Nahas, Chief Operation Officer of the Bavarian Automobile Group (BAG)-BMW.
  • Eng. Mohammed Abdel-Shafook; Senior Expert, Industrial Training Council, Ministry of Industry and Trade.
  • Eng. Mohammed Samy Abdel-Sadek; Chief Operation Officer of the ARMA Group Company, Tenth of Ramadan City.